Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Beautiful Mistake

One day out of the blue she came into my life ,
Until that day i never entered this state,
She knocked at my heart and i let her in,
May be that was a mistake, yet a beautiful mistake.

Exquisite was she or may be i was in a fairyland,
Mesmerizing was she or maybe i was with a psychiatrist,
No exaggerations, she took me to a new world,
A whole new world, simply majestic.

But she was destined for him, he for her
Then what was i doing there for heaven's sake,
And was that feeling inside??
Or maybe that was a mistake, a beautiful mistake.

A mistake not to mourn for, not to cry for
But to realize the spark it ignited,
O God! What a beautiful mistake,
A mistake that my heart instigated.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Two Sides of Life

I have learnt, that in life
We cannot get everything we desire,
Thus we should be happy and satisfied
With whatever we acquire.

No single person gets all joys of the world,
And no single person suffers from all sorrows,
Because it is our fate which decide,
What should be our today and what our tomorrow.

Therefore we should face bad times with courage,
And should always be joyful and cheerful
Coz these are the things which
Make our life meaningful.