Sunday, October 27, 2013

Get a life.....

Agasthyan is the youngest in the family.He has a brother who is an engineer and a sister who is a doctor. Agasthyan being the notoriously not so good in studies little rascal of the family, he was every one's goal post for lecturing.Not a day would pass when some one or the other would lecture him about his life.Most common lines that he's used to hear is to get a life.

Since school's being closed for vacation, he would spend his whole day laying on the couch wat
ching movies from one end to the other.He was kind of crazy about movies.He would get up in the morning , do some usual stuff and then straight away head to the video parlor.

As usual Agasthyan was lying on the coach watching movies when his brother interrupted him.'What are you doing Agasthyan? Do you think lying on the coach whole day and watching movies would do you any good in your examination.Don't you want to get into an engineering college and be an engineer like me" said his brother adjusting the spectacles on his face.Agasthyan simple looked at his brother and got up from coach."What i meant is why do you waste time watching such foolish movies, do some thing which is of any good to you.Don't waste your time.For God sake, come on get a life boy."saying this his brother gets into his car and drives away.

Next it was his sister who was though getting late for the hospital but still found some time to preach the poor soul."Agasthayan...not again.Come on boy its time that you take your life more seriously and figure out what to do "...said she with a strain on her forehead."You cant be sitting whole day long and watch movies, you should get serious about studies.Come on, get a life boy." said she and rushed to the door.

His sister had just moved out of door when the phone bell rang and he picked up the phone.It was his dad.He was mostly out of the country on business tours.Though he wasn't at home but whenever he called he would make sure to give one or two lessons to Agasthayan."So what are you doing chap" asked his dad."Watching movie dad" replied he."Come on boy don't you have any thing else to do instead of watching movies" asked his dad."Come on boy go out hang out with your friends and don't spend the whole day watching movies, hope you understand what i'm trying to say.Come on, get a life boy" said he laughingly and put the phone down.Then suddenly some thing clicked Agasthyan and a mischievous smile came across his face. 

He waited for his brother and sister to arrive in the evening on the couch itself.When they arrived they found him on the same couch itself."what the hell, do i need to tell you again whatever i told you in the morning" asked his brother  furiously."No brother i completely understood what you said.I even got what you asked me to.Its in the shelf to your left.Confused his brother and sister turned to the left shelf and found a thing covered in the newspaper.He opened it up.It was a LIFEBOUY.Agasthayan smiled and jumped out of couch and left the room and his sister smiled at his brother and said "He is still the notorious rascal of the family

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rhymed Confusion.....

It was kind of a marriage season this autumn.Every one was getting married,last month my close friend Amith got married, this month its Ravi who's getting engaged.And my family
too is busy finding the right match for me.Its quite difficult finding appropriate reasons every time to convince mom that the particular girl is not the One.I'm still trying to figure out how i'll present Kiran in front of her as the love of my life.My family being a bit conservative it will be a hard time to convince them for her, but have to do that after all she's the love of my life.

As a continuation of the girl finding operation, this week i'll be meeting a girl called Rashmi. Good thing about Rashmi is that i already know her through a common friend, Hiran and the bad thing is i'm short of good reasons to put her down in front of mom given the fact that she is damn pretty and mom knows her family too.I reached the Coffee shop where i was supposed to meet her and waited.Within another 5 minutes she arrived.She said 'Hi.., so you reached on time.I got a bit late'.Greeting her with a smile i said 'Hello..don't worry i just arrived'.We sat down "And by the way Hiran dropped me here.He was in a bit of hurry so didn't came in.Asked me to say Hi to you." said she."OK..anywaz what would you like to have tea or coffee" i asked."Coffee" she said.I ordered two coffee.

I had already made up my mind that i'll tell Rashmi every thing about me and Kiran and convince her to reject me.At that moment all i could think about was me and Kiran.Coffee arrives......"So how do you know HIRAN." she asked me.I felt as if she already read my mind, after taking a sip of coffee i looked at her and smiled."So he already told you about it right.I was worried how i'm going to present this in front of you.Any ways we both meet at a cultural fest an year ago.We both acted in play that year as Romeo and Juliet" hearing this Rashmi looked as if some one gave her an electric shock."What roles did you people play" she asked surprisingly."Offcourse Romeo and Juliet, actually modern day Romeo and Juliet and the best part was when we both kissed at the end of play." said i savoring those moments. Rashmi put down the coffee mug on the table and looked at me and said "I need to make an urgent call, i'll be back in a minute". She went outside the cafe and came back in 10 minute time.She looked at me and said"Listen Chris i can't marry you".Feeling as if she took words out of my mouth i replied "Arrey...i also can't Rashmi, i came here just to tell you that ever since the Romeo and Juliet play we both are in deep love with each other so i needed you to reject me if in case my mom asks."
"Sure i'll take care of that, i think i should leave" she picks her bag."Hey atleast finish your coffee" said i."No i don't feel like now" she smiles and leaves

The worst was yet to come.On way back home she calls her sister, tells her what ever happened in the cafe and her sister tells every one in her family.In the evening my mom calls her mom.On taking the call her mom sympathizes my mom that she should be strong enough to hear whatever she was about to say."Your son is Gay, he likes Men and has also a boy friend with whom he's in love since last year.Whole college knows about it and they have even kissed each other on the cultural fest in public.His name is HIRAN".hearing this mom faints.

In the evening when i reached home i was stunned to see Kiran, Hiran and Rashmi at my house.I looked at Kiran "How come you are here".Hiran got hold of me and explained everything to me in utter detail.Along came my dad and asked what the matter was to which i replied "Mom fainted due to a shock"."What shock" he enquired, to which Hiran replied pointing towards Rashmi .."She said Hiran.He mistook it to be Kiran.

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