Sunday, November 18, 2012

Book Review -- 'The Bankster' By Ravi Subramanian


Bankers build their careers on trust, or so everyone thinks, till a series of murders threaten to destroy the reputation that the Greater Boston Global Bank (GB2) has built over the years. Who is behind these killings, and what is their motive? When Karan Panjabi, press reporter and ex-banker, digs deeper, he realizes that he has stumbled upon a global conspiracy with far reaching ramifications a secret that could not only destroy the bank but also cast a shadow on the entire nation. With only thirty-six hours at his disposal, he must fight the clock and trust no one if he is to stay alive and uncover the truth.

About Author:

Mr. Ravi Subramanian- an alumnus of IIM Bangalore, has spent two decades working his way up the ladder of power in the amazingly exciting and adrenaline-pumping world of global banks in India. It is but natural that his stories are set against the backdrop of the financial services industry. He lives in Mumbai with his wife Dharini and daughter Anusha. In 2008, he won the Golden Quill Readers Choice award for his debut novel, If God was a Banker.


This is my first Ravi Subramanian novel and i'm impressed.Being a banker himself the story revolves around the banking sector and the style with which things are explained are quite easy for a layman to grasp without any of the core banking jargons used.

The style of writing is also like the new genre of writers who target majority audience wanting to read some thing in simple language.The author has used some Hindi words in the novel which if we take the Indian audience into account is fine but when it comes to a global perspective, it's a sure turn off.The book presents to the readers the story of a financial crime consisting of a massive fraud and money laundering in the banking sector and successive killings to hide it.

Now coming to the story,well it has 3 parallel stories going on which are latter linked together in a decent manner. Being a financial crime story, it mostly revolves a around a bank, about the way it operates, and a series of killings of people related with the bank which gives it a mystery angle.Another part of the story gives  a picture of arms deals happening in another part of the world.And third one is about a protest lead by a man in south india who had lost his son in the Chernobyl disaster Trikakulam Nuclear Power Project.The mystery about whole thing begins to unfold when a reporter becomes suspicious about the happenings in the bank.He digs deeper into the killings and being an ex banker with bank helps him link all the killings which finally draws a line linking all the 3 stories together spinning an intricate web of deceit, lies and treachery.

The brief review about the novel at the cover was enough to get me started with this novel and as i expected the read was worth it and not at all disappointing.The author succeeds in creating the mystery element by making the reader believe that Vikram is the main cuplrit, but then all of a sudden the story undergoes a major change and things get cleared out.
So in my opinion 'The Bankster' is a must read for its element of suspense and mystery.For the time being I'm looking forward to laying my hands on his other novels.
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Book Review : The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi

Plot Summary:

Five thousand years ago, there came to earth a magical being called Krishna, who brought about innumerable miracles for the good of mankind. Humanity despaired of its fate if the Blue God were to die but was reassured that he would return in a fresh avatar when needed in the eventual Dark Age—the Kaliyug.

My Review:

It's my first historical thriller and must say Krishna Key was amazing.The so called 'Father of Modern Historical Fiction' didn't disappoint me. Now i'm planning of reading his other two books also, the Chanakya's Chant and Rosable Line. The way the intricate details of history have been weaved together to make a whole, it made a pleasant and intriguing read.

Coming to the book, the characters of the book may resemble to that Da Vinci Code.Even though in a sense its different and worth a read.After reading the first half of the book i was barely able to keep the book down, it was so wonderful. The way the plot unveils is quite acceptable though.But in spite of all that it seems that the author has put together a lot of research to collect such tremendous information and sew them so wonderfully to create a story like this.

It's a marvel historical novel and is sure to become a hit like his other two novel's The Chanakaya's Chant and Rosable Line.

About Ashwin Sanghi:

Ashwin Sanghi is one of the well known writers in the Indian literary scene, and an author of thriller fiction. He shot to fame through his first release, The Rozabal Line. His books are characterized by extensive research, and they're fast paced political or historical thrillers.

Ashwin is an entrepreneur by profession but writing historical fiction in the thriller genre is his passion and hobby. Ashwin was educated at the Cathedral & John ConnonSchool, Mumbai, and St Xavier's College, Mumbai. He holds a masters degree from Yale and is working towards a Ph.D. in Creative Writing. Ashwin lives in Mumbai with his wife, Anushika, and his son, Raghuvir


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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Movie Review : Trivandrum Lodge

Here comes another marvelous movie from the makers of 'Beautiful' and 'Cocktail'.Either you call it the new genre of Malayalam cinema or the coming of talented and versatile artists like Anoop Menon , Malayalam film industry is changing.Without any big start cast, this movie looks appealing to the masses and its been proved again that no big star cast is needed to make a good movie.Bawdy(read adult) humor is something that drives the whole movie and keeps it going, even though it lacks in plot.

The story of Trivandrum Lodge revolves around the lives of the people living, offcourse at the Trivandrum lodge which is owned by Ravishanker played by Anoop Menon and his wife Malavika played by Bhavana.Abdu, a  resident at the Lodge with the traits of a nymphomaniac, portrayed by the ever improving Jayasurya is the highlight of the movie.Honey rose portrays the role of Dhwani,a bold and beautiful divorce e and a  writer who comes to the lodge to write her new novel.Child artists Master Dhanajay and Baby Nayanthara also render commendable performances.The script and dialogues by Anoop Menon is quite impressive although the plot does have it's loose ends.May be its the coming of the new Malayalam cinema, the way sexuality is treated in this movie, it looks far from being vulgar.Let it be the casual sex talk between women or sexual urge of a sex starved man, all had been scripted and portrayed excellently well.And the singing by M Jayachnadran is simple mellifluous.

All in all the movie looks impressive enough to be hit among the malayali audience and joining the caravan of those movies which succeeded without any big star cast, the likes of 22 Female Kottayam,Cocktail,Beautiful to name a few.So Hats off to the combo of Anoop Menon and Jayasurya for making such a good movie.

Rating : ***/5

Friday, July 27, 2012

Book Review : Blue Moon Promise by Collen Coble

This was my first novel by Collen Coble and i must says its a nice read.The novel goes through the life of Lucy Marsh who was forced to agree to a a marriage with someone she haven't seen yet.The novel carries a strong under current of suspense revolving around the death of her father till the end but the author fails to deliver an appropriate climax to the story.The feminine traits of a young woman has been etched out perfectly well.I suggest its a good read but nothing much for people looking for suspense, though the novel holds a tinge of suspense through out.
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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Book Review : Life Everlasting by Robert Whitlow

The story revolves around Baxter who is in coma.All people around him want him dead,but his father wants him alive but he has reasons.Alexia is Baxter's wife Rena's attorney.
Life everlasting by Robert is all in all a wonderful read and its quite interesting to see how the story unfolds.And i would surely recommend this to a friend.I have'nt read the first part but after reading this i would surely love to read the first part.
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

From Death 2 Life

Anshuman picks up his mobile and calls Aditi.”Hi Aditi i’m sorry for what happened on the college tour, I never wanted it to happen that way. It just happened. I’m really sorry” said he. “What do you mean it just happened Anshu. You never uttered a word to me on the whole tour. Every time its been me who came up to you and talked to you. And when ever you saw me coming your way, you just simply turned away as if I never existed and its not the first time you have done this sort of a thing. I simply can’t take it anymore. Either you consider me some sort of  a fool who always comes  your way to talk to you or else you are too proud, adamant, pompous and consider yourself some sort of prince charming and feel ashamed to talk to me infront of others” said she with an emotional tone. “That is never the thing Aditi, you don’t understand me…” said he. “ya I never understood you and now I never want to understand you” said Aditi interrupting Anshuman in between and disconnects the phone. He tries to call her again but she does’nt picks up the call.

The next day when Anshuman reaches college he tries to look for Aditi but that day she does’nt show up in college. Anshu goes up to Sandhya, Aditi’s roommate and asks her about Aditi. When she saw Anshu she fumes at him.. “I don’t know Anshu what’s the matter with you but if you feel ashamed to talk to her infront of other people then please don’t try to call her any more. This is not the first time that you are doing this. I remember the last Xmas vacations when you and your friends and me , Aditi and Drishya were on train together on our way back home. Before boarding the train you were constantly talking to her over the phone and once you both came face to face you never uttered a word, nor to her neither to anyone of us as if we never existed there on the train. We felt so disgusted and awkward at that time. And now you repeated it again on the Madras Tour. Enough is enough” said she and left the place.

Anshuman became highly disturbed and starts believing that something is really wrong with him and that is the reason why he’s so shy talking infront of other people. And infact of his calling Aditi a number of times she never responded and he lost all hope. All these situations caused him to take some decisions. He packs his bag and without saying a word to any one moves towards the railway station. On reaching the railway station he simply boards a train. After two minutes the train departs. Slowly the train gains speed. Anshuman stood at the gate of the train looking outisde. Behind him stood a man in his forties, tall and handsome. He found something suspicious in Anshuman standing there. He called out to Anshuman and asked him to close the gate but Anshuman paid no heed to him. And when the train reached a bridge he simply tried to jump from the train. Seeing which the man got hold of the bag he was holding on his back and pulled him inside. The man slapped Anshuman tight on his face and took him along and threw him into his compartment. In compartment along with the man his wife and daughter were also present. Anshuman begins to cry. Seeing her husband being angry with Anshuman she escorts him and asks her husband what the matter is. The man gets seated and tells them about what happened to which his wife and daughter became shocked. The man decides to take Anshuman home until his where abouts are known so that he can hand over him to his family.

The whole night the man was along with Anshuman in a room just to make sure he doesn’t attempt anything of that sort again. The next morining he asks Anshuman his address. “Please sir don’t inform my parents they won’nt be able to bear it” said Anshuman. “Then what do you think had they been able to see your dead body?” said the man to which Anshuman begins to cry. “Then what should I do” he shouts and cries. “What is that makes you take a such a big step in your life, failure in studies or any love failure” said he. Suddenly Anshuman looks up.”So love failure that is it..” said he.”It ain’nt really love failure sir, I’m  fed up of what and how I’m, I can’t take It anymore” and then he tells the man about whatever things happened that caused him to take this step.”I just don’t know what happens to me whenever I try to speak to her in front of other I always have this fear that somebody is watching me through out and people are looking at me and talking about me and laughing at me. And all these things cause me to avoid her infront of others and she mistook my fear as my rude and arrogant behaviour.” After hearing Anshuman the man maintained a silence for a few minutes and said “Actually it’s what we call social phobia and you are not alone in this world suffering from this medical condition and like other ailments this too can be cured with patience, support and a strong will.” Hearing this Anshuman anxiously asked ”Social Phobia…how can you say that”.”Well actaully I’m a doctor and has been treating such cases for the past 15 years. Don't worry you'll be fine”

And 10 years  later Anshuman came back to this very city where he tried to end his life once. Anshuman owns a house in this city and is married for past 9 years. Aditi also got married after college. He's now back home. He rings the door bell. His seven year old daughter opens the door and sees Anshuman. He takes her into his arms and asks her “ Where is your mamma dear?” to which his daughter says “She is in but I’ll only let you go if you complete the story of the shy guy that you left untold before going on your tour” Anshuman kisses her and begins to tell the story when Aditi comes in.” When did you come, ahh and Shruti how many times have you heard the story of the shy guy" she smiles at Anshuman, "come here and let papa relax a bit, he’s just arrived from his tour.” She smiles and takes Shruti from him.