Sunday, January 13, 2013

Book Review :Redemption by Bryan Clay

Before reading this book i had no idea who Bryan Clay was and what a decathlon is, however the book caught my interest right away and held it to the end.
Redemption is the story of Bryan Clay about how he transformed into a Decathlon Champion and went on to win the Olympic Gold.Bryan had a disturbing childhood involving drugs. violence and Redemption is about how he transformed that life into a respectable one. Bryan journey of life is worth a read and must say that the way its been told is quite balanced and is quite inspiring.I would recommend this book.
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Monday, January 7, 2013

Shave or Crave

"How do you feel when u keep that stubble of yours" she asked in harsh tone.
"Well i look good, all people in my office say i look awesome sporting a stubble
 and after all hair on a man's face symbolize masculinity" was my prompt reply.
"Oh really, is it" said she amusingly.
"Any problem with that honey" i asked."Well u won't be sporting that stubble of yours tonight."
said she, "and why would be that" i inquired.

"Well you feel the beard shows off your masculinity, then better shave it off because that masculinity of yours
isn't convincing enough for me to come to the ball with you" said she with a stubborn attitude.
"Then let it be, i'll manage without you." said i at the peak of my masculinity.
"And after that when you come back, couch will be your better half in this cold night, don't you dare enter
the bedroom" said she.
"Ahh...i prefer a bedroom.Where is my gillete and honey get ready its already late.

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