Monday, August 16, 2010

What's 15th of August "It's a holiday ..oops sorry its friday"

These guys who fought for our country and are responsible for the hard earned independence, would have never thought that the day for which they sacrificed their life would be treated just as another holiday.

This is a funny incident that happened in my college.During one of our usual lab sessions, the lab instructor became patriotically charged when someone mentioned the name of Gandhiji.When he was at the peak of his patriotic feelings he asked a girl
"What is 15th of August?" pat came the reply "It's a holiday sir".His face suddenly became reddish and it seemed, if she uttered another word he would simply swallow her up without giving any second thought.Pondering over what she said, she stood up from her chair as if realizing her mistake,
"ooppss sorry sir its friday".

Anywaz Happy Independence Day to all Proud Indians ---Jai Hind

Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm Alive!!!!

This is dummy post just make my presence felt at the blogosphere.I have been quite irregular at my blog due some personal reasons and will return back soon after setting things right, till then happy blogging to all fellow bloggers.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Beautiful Mistake

One day out of the blue she came into my life ,
Until that day i never entered this state,
She knocked at my heart and i let her in,
May be that was a mistake, yet a beautiful mistake.

Exquisite was she or may be i was in a fairyland,
Mesmerizing was she or maybe i was with a psychiatrist,
No exaggerations, she took me to a new world,
A whole new world, simply majestic.

But she was destined for him, he for her
Then what was i doing there for heaven's sake,
And was that feeling inside??
Or maybe that was a mistake, a beautiful mistake.

A mistake not to mourn for, not to cry for
But to realize the spark it ignited,
O God! What a beautiful mistake,
A mistake that my heart instigated.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Two Sides of Life

I have learnt, that in life
We cannot get everything we desire,
Thus we should be happy and satisfied
With whatever we acquire.

No single person gets all joys of the world,
And no single person suffers from all sorrows,
Because it is our fate which decide,
What should be our today and what our tomorrow.

Therefore we should face bad times with courage,
And should always be joyful and cheerful
Coz these are the things which
Make our life meaningful.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

It Takes Courage 2 Hope

Well this post is about a friend of mine, Jerin(name changed) whose brother Joshin(name changed) is suffering from autism and Joshin is 5 years old.
Jerin's family has taken his brother to all the big hospitals in the country for treatment but all in vain.Doctors say that they should have brought the child at an early stage coz its difficult to diagnose after an age of 4-5 years.

One day i asked him what is that makes you hope that your brother will be able to lead a normal life.Suddenly he turns red in face and fumes at me "are you saying he will not be able to lead a normal life?" then he gave me a look as if he wanted to wring my neck and suddenly left the place. It was then i realised may be he misunderstood me.

I met him after two days and apologized to him to which he just smiled.Then he went on to tell me a story about a young man who was deeply in love with a beautiful girl. Both studied in the same college but the problem was the girl loved someone else.After college the girl gets married. Boy leaves the city and decides never to marry anyone else.

"Now what has this to do with us?" i asked. With the same smile on his face he replies "that boy is my father and the beautiful girl is my mother now."
he continues "my father left the city with a hope that may be some day things turn out his way and it did. If he did'nt had any hope then i wouldnt be here."

"So you asked what is it that makes me hope, well, its my father".

You might be thinking what happened to her husband, well he died 1 year after the marriage due to blood cancer.And Jerin's parents got married after 10 years.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Secret Box

Everyone in this world have some naked feelings and truths that they feel awkward to open up infront of friends.But its quite a relief to rip apart your heart,to someone you trust, allowing those suffocating thoughts, memoirs a soothing breeze of fresh air.People are lucky who have that "special" someone in their life,to whom they can open up their feeling and thoughts.

I too belong to that brigade,luckily.I have a friend called J***** ( my secret box ) and i have know her for past 4 years i guess.She's one of my best friend and my secret box.Whenever i am crestfallen its where i dump my thoughts. I know, though my thoughts are at the brightest place on this planet but still its quite dark for anyone to dig them out.Speaking to her, really heals me out and recharges me with a new gusto.
God Bless her........

Monday, May 10, 2010

Love --Just True Love

 Whole day i had been pondering about relationships, love etc. and then i came across a post from Bedazzled Ria which made me pen down this post.
Ria asks

Why is it that people fall in love with someone who they know will never reciprocate their feelings??
 Well i dont know whether i would be able to do full justice to this question but ya i would like to quote some lines from a love letter that a friend of mine send to a girl he loved.

The letter goes this way......

Dear Renuka,

Inspite of knowing the fact that you have never seen me the way i have, i still love you from the bottom of my heart.I loved you without any reasons or expectations because it wont be love if i expected love in return.

 Yours Ravi

And i think only such love is true love which loves without any expectations or reason, like a mother who loves her infant child without thinking whether she will receive the same love back when he grows older.

Lucky are the people who are loved without any expectations.And Ria, people fall in love with someone inspite of knowing that they will never reciprocate their feelings,   ........ coz its TRUE LOVE........

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Short Humble Request To Sreesanth

 Dear Sreesanth,

I know how you must be feeling, when Preity Zinta hugs Yuvi or Sangakara at the end of every IPL match showing her love for the team, whether it is a win or lose situation. You tried many tricks to get those affectionate hugs, the so called 'jhappis' from the cute actress but all in vain.First you tried it through sentiments by creating a pandemonium on the ground after receiving the slap o' bhajji and flooding the field, which you later stated was a brotherly act from elder brother Harbhajan.When it did'nt shoot off, you tried to impress her with your not so macho behaviour by clapping at rival batsman Michael Lumb and then at the umpires which although didnt got you any 'jhappis' but got some 20 % fee fine.

Now i hope you must be on verge of accepting the fact you really are a dumb ass , which no matter how much is f*****, always lunge at every possible opportunity to get f*****.And i think its really high time that you get your next dose of slap o' bhajji or slap o' ???.

So i humbly request you to please start poking some international players so that they can render you a hard, not a slap this time, but ya a punch and that too right into the face exactly on the nose, and i think it will look good on you and may be it generates some sympathy and you get lucky this time. And please, make sure that all this happens in front of the camera unlike the slap o' bhajji.

So best of luck and eagerly looking forward to some slap o' ???

Friday, April 30, 2010

Is it that "Behind every successful man there is always a woman"?

No matter how much hard work or pain a man puts in his journey to success, at last the credit goes to a woman, as per the saying
Behind every successful man there is always a woman.
But today amidst a short nap, when there seemed to be no respite from the scorching heat of the relentless sun, a grotesque thought passed through my mind
Is it that "Behind every successful man there is always a woman" or Is

it that, a Woman always follows a successful man??

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A New Ambition in my Life

I remember the time when my 10th board exams were over, i was enjoying the vacations.I was completely blank when asked about the choice of subject for my +2 classes.I mean, i did'nt had any ambition or personal interest or passion on which i could build up my career.

It was during the vacation period, while doing a computer course i developed interest for computers and opted for informatics as a subject for +2.With keen interest in computers i decided to do computer engineering and ended up here in GEC Sreekrishnapuram Palakkad Kerala.

Times have passed and now i am in the final semester of my engineering.Though i am still interested in computers and want to make it big in the computer world, during these four years i have developed a new interest for writing and photography and i'm quite keen to explore these mesmerizing fields to new dimensions.I know its not quite easy for amateurs to earn a living of these careers as it takes time to get your work accepted.So after getting out of college my aim would be make myself financially well off as soon as possible so that i can pursue my newly found ambitions.

Golden Words:
Always have a new ambition in your life, whenever one is pursued, coz it keeps you going.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Secret Movie Watching That Turned Into a Nightmare

Well the story goes back 2 my school days when i was in eighth standard.Our exams had finished and we guys planned a cricket match as usual for the next day.Aiming to score a century i arrived with my best friend verma only to be surprised to see the ground all empty with only one person in the ground, deepu.We guys waited for some time and then decided to warm up a bit.So verma and deepu started and i stood as the wicket keeper.Suddenly out of the blue i was hit by something in my face and to my surprise it was the cricket bat that deepu was batting with.It actually slipped from his hand and came right into my poor face.It actually hit me at upper part of my lips and within seconds the blood started oozing out.I felt as if the whole world was revolving around me.They both took me to my house.When mom saw me in blood she was all blue in face and upbraided me for my (actually my friend's) carelessness.Seeing this my friends left the scene to avoid an interaction with my mother.Some time later the whole scene changed and i was given royal treatment.

Now comes the another part of the story.Both of my friends left me at my house and headed towards thomas's house.Thomas is another friend of mine.Next day when i reached school my friends circle was busy talking about some movie that they saw at thomas's house yesterday.I could'nt get what was there so much to talk about the movie.Bell rang and madam shrivastava our English teacher came into the class all black blue and paying no heed to our usual good morning, called for thomas and took him with her.The whole day we could'nt meet thomas as if he vanished in thin air.The whole day i was pondering about thomas.It was only in the evening that verma told me the inside story.

After leaving me at my house, both verma and deepu went to thomas.Both of them were surprised to see all our friends gathered at his house.Well they all were quite busy with some stuff that they were reluctant to disclose.Then they opened the doors and let them in.To their surprise it was an Adult Movie that they all were watching.Though shocked, they too were lured to watch the movie.So out of my friend circle everyone was a part of this movie show,accept me,luckily or unluckily.After watching the movie, some guys who were taking tuition classes from madam shrivastava headed towards her house.During the tuition hours, some of them talked about the adult movie but it was overheard by a girl sitting near by, who piped the news to madam shrivastava.So this was how madam came to knew about this whole incident.

The next day we came to know that thomas's parents were informed and called in the office and madam shrivastava was enquiring about other guys who were part of this movie watching.Unfortunately thomas disclosed the names.Parents of all guys whose name he disclosed were informed and the next few months were a hell for all those poor souls.Who knew a secret movie watching would end up with so much of publicity(bad).

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Well Thats How I Live Life

Whatever happens with me is never what i thought it would be and whenever i want something to happen, it never turns out that way.Well that is the bottom line of my life capricious life.

Whenever something of this sort happens the only way to deal with this kind of an whimsical phenomenon is to believe in the golden words of i dont know who said it but the lines are well said,


Whatever it is, it makes life much more easier to live and helps me keep moving.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


My name is KHAN and I'M NOT A TERRORIST. This one line almost renders the theme of the movie MNIK. Today after appearing for the GATE examination we guys went to watch MNIK the movie, in our very own palakkad.Reached the theater just 5 min before the movie and missed the first few moments of the movie.

Now talking about the movie, it didnt fared that well as i expected, maybe my expectations were too high after a movie like 3 idiots, but still SRK simply rocked the big screen. The character of Rizvan Khan, an indian muslim who has asperger's syndrome, a kind of autism, was played beautifully and with full dedication. He was into the character and looked brilliant.Moreover the film marked the comeback of the loveliest couple of bollywood SRK and Kajol and definitely they were both looking like a heavenly pair, sharing the screen.

The film was beautifully shot at exotic foreign locations as most of Karan Johar's movies are.As far as i think the main drawback in the movie was extended emotional scences which were too long in the second half of the movie.I dont know but actually its what i felt like.

But still as far as peformance is considered SRK certainly has another feather in his cap.HATS OFF 2 SRK

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chocolates.....simply irresistible

As far as i am considered Chocolates the very word makes me feel happy as well waters my mouth.Ya actually few squares of chocolate a day keeps us feel good, reduces tension and reduces the risk of strokes to nearly 22% and provides us with the energy to deal with stroke attacks according to a scientific study.

So munching a few squares of chocolates a day may give way to few kilos but it would be worth it.So enjoy chocolates