Monday, July 4, 2011

Lessons Learnt......

Sometimes it takes a whole lifetime to understand a thing and sometimes just a moment or may be a simple incident.The earlier you understand life the luckier you are.There are people who go on living life as if they are living because they are born in this world.There are only a  few people who are Born.... 2 Live LIFE and they understand the true meaning of living a life.

When we were kids, everyone of us was fascinated by watching movies and shows such as super man and so wanted to become a movie star or super man, batman or may be visiting a foreign land , and many more such kind of wishes that we wanted to fulfill.But slowly and gradually as we grew up and began understanding this world and its miseries we began to improvise with whatever we had and succumbed to the so called harsh realities of life.And gradually we began marking out our dreams and wishes as something impossible and we lost hope and compromise with life when life became a bit tougher.And finally we are reduced to mere objects which are programmed to simply exists in this world with no dreams to fulfill and nothing to achieve.That's the biggest mistake that one makes in life compromise with the Hard ships of life.

Never let anything or anyone make you feel that what you dream is beyond your reach.Always go out of your way to achieve what you desire and always make that extra effort count.Stepping out of your comfort zone will only make you more confident and  vibrant.Try making your dreams become real, work harder for it and when one dream is pursued, dream for another one.And the last but most important thing, Fall in Love.Its the most beautiful thing to experience in this World.Its a wonderful feeling to love some one and to be loved by someone.And in between all these things never forget your loved ones and friends because relationships is what makes life meaningful.

There might arise a question that who the hell am i to preach about the principles of living life and all.Well then, i'm no one, merely no one.....just some one who's started realizing what this life is all about and trying to utilize the left over life and resources to the fullest of my capabilities to curve out a niche for myself in this big and lovely world.

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