Sunday, February 14, 2010


My name is KHAN and I'M NOT A TERRORIST. This one line almost renders the theme of the movie MNIK. Today after appearing for the GATE examination we guys went to watch MNIK the movie, in our very own palakkad.Reached the theater just 5 min before the movie and missed the first few moments of the movie.

Now talking about the movie, it didnt fared that well as i expected, maybe my expectations were too high after a movie like 3 idiots, but still SRK simply rocked the big screen. The character of Rizvan Khan, an indian muslim who has asperger's syndrome, a kind of autism, was played beautifully and with full dedication. He was into the character and looked brilliant.Moreover the film marked the comeback of the loveliest couple of bollywood SRK and Kajol and definitely they were both looking like a heavenly pair, sharing the screen.

The film was beautifully shot at exotic foreign locations as most of Karan Johar's movies are.As far as i think the main drawback in the movie was extended emotional scences which were too long in the second half of the movie.I dont know but actually its what i felt like.

But still as far as peformance is considered SRK certainly has another feather in his cap.HATS OFF 2 SRK

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