Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Secret Movie Watching That Turned Into a Nightmare

Well the story goes back 2 my school days when i was in eighth standard.Our exams had finished and we guys planned a cricket match as usual for the next day.Aiming to score a century i arrived with my best friend verma only to be surprised to see the ground all empty with only one person in the ground, deepu.We guys waited for some time and then decided to warm up a bit.So verma and deepu started and i stood as the wicket keeper.Suddenly out of the blue i was hit by something in my face and to my surprise it was the cricket bat that deepu was batting with.It actually slipped from his hand and came right into my poor face.It actually hit me at upper part of my lips and within seconds the blood started oozing out.I felt as if the whole world was revolving around me.They both took me to my house.When mom saw me in blood she was all blue in face and upbraided me for my (actually my friend's) carelessness.Seeing this my friends left the scene to avoid an interaction with my mother.Some time later the whole scene changed and i was given royal treatment.

Now comes the another part of the story.Both of my friends left me at my house and headed towards thomas's house.Thomas is another friend of mine.Next day when i reached school my friends circle was busy talking about some movie that they saw at thomas's house yesterday.I could'nt get what was there so much to talk about the movie.Bell rang and madam shrivastava our English teacher came into the class all black blue and paying no heed to our usual good morning, called for thomas and took him with her.The whole day we could'nt meet thomas as if he vanished in thin air.The whole day i was pondering about thomas.It was only in the evening that verma told me the inside story.

After leaving me at my house, both verma and deepu went to thomas.Both of them were surprised to see all our friends gathered at his house.Well they all were quite busy with some stuff that they were reluctant to disclose.Then they opened the doors and let them in.To their surprise it was an Adult Movie that they all were watching.Though shocked, they too were lured to watch the movie.So out of my friend circle everyone was a part of this movie show,accept me,luckily or unluckily.After watching the movie, some guys who were taking tuition classes from madam shrivastava headed towards her house.During the tuition hours, some of them talked about the adult movie but it was overheard by a girl sitting near by, who piped the news to madam shrivastava.So this was how madam came to knew about this whole incident.

The next day we came to know that thomas's parents were informed and called in the office and madam shrivastava was enquiring about other guys who were part of this movie watching.Unfortunately thomas disclosed the names.Parents of all guys whose name he disclosed were informed and the next few months were a hell for all those poor souls.Who knew a secret movie watching would end up with so much of publicity(bad).

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