Saturday, March 20, 2010

A New Ambition in my Life

I remember the time when my 10th board exams were over, i was enjoying the vacations.I was completely blank when asked about the choice of subject for my +2 classes.I mean, i did'nt had any ambition or personal interest or passion on which i could build up my career.

It was during the vacation period, while doing a computer course i developed interest for computers and opted for informatics as a subject for +2.With keen interest in computers i decided to do computer engineering and ended up here in GEC Sreekrishnapuram Palakkad Kerala.

Times have passed and now i am in the final semester of my engineering.Though i am still interested in computers and want to make it big in the computer world, during these four years i have developed a new interest for writing and photography and i'm quite keen to explore these mesmerizing fields to new dimensions.I know its not quite easy for amateurs to earn a living of these careers as it takes time to get your work accepted.So after getting out of college my aim would be make myself financially well off as soon as possible so that i can pursue my newly found ambitions.

Golden Words:
Always have a new ambition in your life, whenever one is pursued, coz it keeps you going.

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