Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Short Humble Request To Sreesanth

 Dear Sreesanth,

I know how you must be feeling, when Preity Zinta hugs Yuvi or Sangakara at the end of every IPL match showing her love for the team, whether it is a win or lose situation. You tried many tricks to get those affectionate hugs, the so called 'jhappis' from the cute actress but all in vain.First you tried it through sentiments by creating a pandemonium on the ground after receiving the slap o' bhajji and flooding the field, which you later stated was a brotherly act from elder brother Harbhajan.When it did'nt shoot off, you tried to impress her with your not so macho behaviour by clapping at rival batsman Michael Lumb and then at the umpires which although didnt got you any 'jhappis' but got some 20 % fee fine.

Now i hope you must be on verge of accepting the fact you really are a dumb ass , which no matter how much is f*****, always lunge at every possible opportunity to get f*****.And i think its really high time that you get your next dose of slap o' bhajji or slap o' ???.

So i humbly request you to please start poking some international players so that they can render you a hard, not a slap this time, but ya a punch and that too right into the face exactly on the nose, and i think it will look good on you and may be it generates some sympathy and you get lucky this time. And please, make sure that all this happens in front of the camera unlike the slap o' bhajji.

So best of luck and eagerly looking forward to some slap o' ???


nkr4068 said...

haha! :D nice article!!

Each time he played, he had ensured that Punjab lost atleast a point or two from their Kingfisher Fair play awards :D
nicely written.. :)

Jay said...